“The more you read the more places you will go, the more places you go the more things you will learn.”Dr. Suess

Book Bike Mission

The Book Bike project is fueled by the same community engagement that brought you the Book Box Vending Machine. Through your donated books, and our cycling staff, we are able to pedal out into the community and deliver books to the areas that need it the most.

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Volunteers Needed!

We’re looking for volunteers to ride their bike along with us this summer and share books with our community!
Contact Johnna Schultz for more information.

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Bring the Book Bike to you!

Are you hosting a free event for the Effingham community? Think Vacation Bible School kickoff or sports team celebration. Want to share books at your event? Click below and fill out the google form to learn more about the possibility of a visit from the library’s Book Bike.