Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan
2012 – 2020

Amanda McKay, Library Director

2011 Board of Trustees:
Charlie Bovard, President
John Latta, Vice President
Jane Wise, Secretary
Racheal Fearday, Treasurer
Jim Arndt
Dannielle Harden
Suellen Reimers
Charlene Topel
Rod Wiethop

Mission: The Helen Matthes Library provides community engagement and life-long learning through literature, technology, and information access.

Vision: The Helen Matthes Library empowers individuals and enriches the community.

Values: Culture, Technology, Service

Strategic Goals

A. Provide exceptional library service

  1. Provide education and training opportunities for staff.
  2. Provide a facility that meets the community’s needs.
  3. Market our services.

B. Increase access to technology

  1. Increase self-sufficiency of patrons through technology to allow staff to provide more specialized assistance.
  2. Leverage grant dollars to continue to be good stewards of the community’s resources.

C. Develop partnerships to enhance library service

  1. Expand outreach and strategic partnership opportunities to better leverage our services.
  2. Become an incubator for ideas and development in the community.

D. Integrate with schools

  1. Integrate with schools to provide literacy development.
  2. Seek partnerships with higher education.

E. Expand our service area

  1. Explore the variety of options of expanding our service area.