Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total cost of the project?
$3.5 million

Why does this cost so much? The building looks fine to me. What does $3.5 million include?
$3.5 million will cover the cost of renovating the facility, preparing it to function as a library (meeting rooms, new data lines, computer equipment, office space, collection space, better lighting, etc.), updating all electrical to bring it up to code, adding a sprinkle system as required by fire code, and increasing the size of elevator so that it also complies with fire and accessibility code.

How much money do you have raised?
We have $500,000 raised from previous efforts. We also intend to sell our current facility and apply for other types of federal and state grants to help defray the cost. In our $2 million campaign, we have raised around 14%, or over $250,000.

What is the goal for fundraising?
$2 million

Where is the rest of the money coming from?
Federal, state, and private grants will also be sought.

Does the city intend to help financially?
The city council did help financially by purchasing the building and grounds for the new facility.

Did you hire a fundraising firm?
We hired Meier, Jost and Associates from St. Louis. They have worked on previous projects in this area and are very knowledgeable about Effingham. They worked with us to develop our plan and documents as well as train the individuals that will be asking for donations.

When will the building be ready?
We are projecting a 2014 open date.

How long have you been in the current building?
We have been at 100 E Market since 1956.

How big is the current building and how big is the new building?
The current library is approximately 12,000 sq. ft. and the new building is approximately 27,000 sq. ft.

What is the name of architectural firm?
Johnson Roberts Associates

I heard the architects were from out of town. Why didn’t you select someone local?
When this project was bid out, Johnson Roberts had an office in Illinois, though the main office is based in Boston. Johnson Roberts were selected because their price was fair and their ideas were innovative and adaptive for our space and community. As of July 2013, their Chicago office has re-opened again and we once again have access to an Illinois-based architect from the firm.

How are the architects qualified? How many projects have they done?
They have done over 50 renovations and/or new buildings for public libraries as well as a few academic libraries. They have also completed a number of municipal, education, and restoration projects. They have been in operation since 1996.

What is your plan for moving?
We still have some time to consider our options as we won’t be moving until 2014. We will consult with other libraries that have done a renovation as well as moving companies that specialize in moving libraries to come up with a plan that will ensure that we move efficiently and with the least interruption of service to the community.

How many parking spaces will you have?
We are projecting that we will have about 80 spots.

Do you have to make any structural adjustments to the building?
The building is quite sound and has checked out with our engineers (Henneman from Champaign) to be adequate for supporting book weight, which is 150 pounds/square foot.