Overdrive for Your Kindle*

*(For Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD, use instructions for Tablets and Smartphones)

Note: It is best if your Kindle is already connected to WiFi. Your 3G connection does not work for borrowing library titles. If not connected to WiFi, you must “Sync and Check for Items” on your Kindle menu after you connect to WiFi. If you have a Kindle without WiFi, see directions below for transferring a Kindle eBook using a USB cable. First, using a computer with an Internet connection (including the Kindle Fire):

  1. Visit the Library on the Go! section at effinghamlibrary.org or go to www.libraryonthego.com
  2. Browse for digital titles with the Kindle Book format
  3. Click Add to Bookbag (Place a Hold means the digital copy is currently checked out, but places a hold on item for when item it is available)
  4. Click Proceed to Checkout
  5. Select Effingham Public Library from the Library drop down menu
  6. Enter your library card number in the box and click Login
  7. Click on Confirm Checkout. Here you will also have the option to change lending period to 14 days.
  8. Select the Get for Kindle button that displays with your book; you will then be directed to the Amazon website.
  9. Sign in to your Amazon account (or create one if needed)
  10. Choose your Kindle device in the Deliver to: drop down menu
  • If your Kindle is connected to WiFi (on fourth generation Kindle [2011], Kindle Touch, Kindle 3 Keyboard), the eBook will download wirelessly to ‘Home’ and you can start reading.
  • You may need to Sync your Kindle (on the Kindle menu) for the book to download.
  • For Kindle Fire only: Click the Gear Icon (upper right screen) to open the tool bar and select ‘Sync’. The eBook will download wirelessly to ‘Home’. Touch the book icon to open.
  • If your book does not download on your device, try turning the Kindle completely off and then back on. Also, remember you must be connected to WiFi (not Edge to successfully download and access your books.
  • If the item appears grayed out and in your archives, then you were connected via Edge instead of WiFi when you downloaded the book. Connect to WiFi and re-sync your Kindle.
  • If you are still unable to download books wirelessly, please follow direction below for transferring books using a USB cable.

Transferring a Kindle eBook to the Kindle using a USB cable Although earlier Kindle models (original Kindle [2007], Kindle 2, Kindle DX) do not have WiFi, you can transfer Kindle books from a PC to these models using a USB cable:

  1. On a PC connected to the Internet, visit amazon.com/manageyourkindle
  2. Under Your Kindle Library, you should see the Kindle eBook you checked out above.
  3. Click the Actions button for the book you want to transfer
  4. Select Download and transfer via USB
  5. Under Which Kindle will you transfer to? select your Kindle form the drop-down menu
  6. Select Download and Save the file to a location that is easy to find again, such as the desktop
  7. Connect your Kindle to your computer using the USB cable
  8. Your Kindle will appear as an external USB drive on your PC
  9. Move the download file into the Documents directory on the Kindle USB drive by clicking and dragging
  10. You may have to eject your Kindle from your PC before the document appears in the Kindle home screen


  1. On a PC connected to the Internet, visit amazon.com/manageyourkindle
  2. Under Your Kindle Library, find the book you want to return
  3. Click the Actions button for the book you want to return
  4. Choose Return this Book
  5. If you want to delete the title from your Kindle library, then choose Delete from Library

TO CONNECT TO Effingham Public Library WiFi

  1. Go to Kindle menu
  2. Select settings
  3. Select WiFi settings
  4. Choose Effingham Public Library from available WiFi list – then go through prompts for connecting to EPL – including opening a browser to accept the fine print (need to use arrows to go down, then to the right, then up to finally click on “I accept”)

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