Overdrive for Your Nook*

*(For Nook Color, Nook HD and Nook HD+, use instructions for Tablets and Smartphones)

Step A. How to Checkout an EPUB or PDF eBook

First, using your personal computer (not a library computer) with an Internet connection:

1. Visit the Library on the Go! section at effinghamlibrary.org or go to   www.libraryonthego.com. Browse the digital library catalog.

2. Click Add to Bookbag (Place a Hold means the digital copy is currently checked out, but places a hold on the item for when it is available.)

3. When you are done browsing, click Proceed to Checkout

4. Select Effingham Public Library option from the Library drop down menu

5. Type your Library Card number in the box

6. Select Login

7. Click Confirm Check Out

8. My Bookshelf will display with your book   Step B. How to Download to Your PC  You must have Adobe Digital Editions software installed and authorized with an Adobe ID. The first time you run Adobe Digital Editions, you are prompted to authorize the application by entering an Adobe ID. If you don’t have an Adobe ID, visit http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/.

1. Click the Download button

2. Click the Open button on the File Download box

3. Adobe Digital Editions will open to display the downloaded book

Step C. How to Transfer from Your Computer to Your Nook

1. Connect your Nook to your computer with the USB cable that came with your device

2. The Nook will confirm that it is safe to transfer files

3. Click on the Library View button in Adobe Digital Editions

4. Left click and drag a book from the right side to the left pane where you see your Nook listed. Your Nook device will be listed after “All Items”, “Borrowed Items”, etc. When you drag the book over to your Nook, you will see a green plus sign when it is positioned correctly and you may release the mouse button.

5. Click the Safely Remove Device option generally found in the lower right hand corner

6. After the Safe to Remove Hardware message displays, unplug your Nook from your computer

Step D. How to Begin Reading on Your Nook

1. Press the Menu button on the Nook

2. Press the Library button and press the My Files button

3. Press the Digital Editions icon

4. Press the book you downloaded 5. Begin reading NOTES:

  • The downloaded book will remain in the Digital Editions folder on the Nook. Purchased items will show on the Books screen.
  • For Nook models other than the Nook Color, library items will be located on the Nook in “My Documents” area of the “My Library”.
  • Having problems with original Nook/Nook Wi-Fi devices? If you are having problems with the “non-color” Nook (files not transferring correctly, etc.), this is a fix that sometimes helps: With your Nook connected to your computer, open “My Computer” and open the drive for the Nook device. Within the Nook directory, located the folder named “Adobe.Digital.Editions” and delete the folder.
  • Accidentally log in to Adobe Digital Editions with the wrong login or anonymously?

The error message will read something like: ‘Error getting license/License server communication problem:         E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER’. Back in Adobe Digital Editions, press CTRL + SHIFT + D to deauthorize your computer, then log in using the correct information.

  • Returning eBooks Early or Deleting Expired Items. Open Adobe Digital Editions (Library View).  Click on the book you want to return. Click the triangle to the left of the book to open the Item Options menu.  Select Return Borrowed Item.  The book cover will remain in your Adobe Digital Editions unless you manually delete it. Click on the Item Options arrow, and click Delete Item. The next time your Nook is connected to Adobe Digital Editions via your computer, the returned/deleted items will be removed.

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