Suzette Brumleve Memorial

In August 2016 the Board of the Effingham Public Library voted unanimously to accept a donation of $400,000 from the COHIHO Family Foundation to the Library’s Building Fund bringing the Foundation’s donation to the Library to $500,000 and closing out the Library’s initial $2 million fundraising campaign toward the cost of renovating the facility.  The facility opened in September 2015.

The donation was made in memory of local elementary teacher, Suzette Brumleve.  A graduate of University of Illinois, Suzette recognized the important work of libraries in supporting literacy in their communities.  She was passionate about learning, literacy and children.  When she and her husband passed away, her family and friends thought this donation would be a fantastic way to honor her legacy while supporting the Effingham Public Library for future generations.  

The library remains the Effingham Public Library while the building that houses the library at 200 N. Third Street is named the Suzette Brumleve Memorial Effingham Public Library for 75 years in her honor.

The COHIHO Family Foundation was set up by Joe and Suzette Brumleve in May of 2000 from proceeds gained through the sales of the successful businesses they had established over the years.  Businesses like Brumleve & Dabbs, Professional Software Inc., Focussoft and Eaglesoft were all started in Effingham and provided fulfilling careers that impacted hundreds of families throughout the community.