Out of Gift Bags?! Use Wrapping Paper!

Use the gift to determine the size of paper needed. The larger the gift, the taller (deeper) the size needs to be. Also, heavier weight paper works better than thin.
Step 1: Fold paper in half, overlapping edges and adhere together.
Step 2: This is the part where the size of the bag is determined. Fold up enough of the lower edge to accommodate the gift.
Step 3: Fold each corner to the first fold line. Flip over and fold each corner to the first fold line again.
Step 4: Open up bottom of bag.
Step 5: Fold top and bottom edge to meet in the middle, slightly overlapping edges, and adhere.
Optional Step: To create a clean look and make the bottom sturdier, adhere a small rectangle of paper to the bottom of the bag.
Close top of bag by folding over towards the back, tie a ribbon or use a paper doily. Or leave open and fill with tissue paper.

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